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Welcome to Golden Triangle!


          Golden Triangle Learning Center and Preschool is in the heart of Lake County, Fl. Our facilities and Staff will be proud to offer excellence in care, education and development for the local families in the area. We have a one of a kind team of Teachers at our centers. All of our experienced staff are caring, educated individuals, who are enthusiastic and motivated to deliver the best care and commitment to education, preparing our student for the challenges that lie ahead. All valued members of out team at Golden Triangle Learning Center, are trained in skills such as developing positive, trusting relationships with our children and parents, creating an open, warm and friendly atmosphere that our families want to be a part of. If you are looking for a one of a kind Preschool or daycare experience look no further!


Multipurpose Room
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Our Philosophy

At Golden Triangle Learning Center we are committed to providing Lake County families with a safe, enriched environment for early age children in which to grow their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. It is during these preschool years that children develop the characteristics which will affect their lifetime love of learning. Our team here at Golden Triangle Learning Center recognizes the importance of forming a partnership with parents, sharing their values, language and diversity to create a unique learning experience for all children.  With the vast experience of our team of caring teachers and assistants, and the support of parents we are able to achieve our goal of “Hand In Hand Learning for Life.”

Ages of care 

6 Weeks - VPK 

After School up to 12 Years of age

Our Curriculum 

Funshine Express 

Funshine Online

Program Description

Through our use of various academic curriculum approved by the state we will achieve several goals associated with preschool education.

  • Provide age appropriate programs where children will be actively engaged in their daily activities.

  • Plan and implement a comprehensive transitions through our stages of learning to include graduation to kindergarten.

  • Asses and support the health and nutrition needs of children to promote wellness for a successful early education experience.

  • Empower families to learn together; narrowing the gap between home and school by forming positive relationships.

  • Ensuring our instructional staff are highly qualified and devoted and up to date on emerging preschool academics.

  • Work closely with community partners forming relationships to create further learning opportunities and increased resource and opportunities for our families. 

We accept ELC and VPK Vouchers! Need help registering?

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a free program aimed to prepare four-year-old children for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success. VPK is available to all four-year-olds born on or before September 1 who reside in Florida, regardless of family income.

The School Readiness program is a financial assistance program for working families with low incomes and those with children at risk of abuse, neglect, or future school failure.  What the School Readiness program can do for your family. Supports families in accessing and affording quality child care, helps families become economically self-sufficient. Parents are provided with information on child development and family well-being, involves parents as their child’s first teacher. Children are prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn, which builds a foundation for success in life.

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